“Genieten en onthaasten”

Welcome to the Merelhof


Where the Friese Wouden region meets the Westerkwartier of Groningen, the landscape is characterised by its rustic and enclosed mixture of woodland and pasture, sometimes also referred to as bocage. This landscape is home to the Merelhof, a house with a large garden in the village of Harkema, in the municipality of Achtkarspelen. The Merelhof inhabitants have combined their passions: Gardening and country living, with a warm welcome to guests and visitors.


More than a hectare (2 1/2 acres) of garden can best be described as a landscape garden. From the cottage garden through to the birds wood and natural pond, the variety of plants gives it all amazing diversity. There are no end of cosy corners and secluded spots to be discovered as you wander and explore.


The Merelhof garden also provides a warm welcome to all kinds of small mammals and feathered friends. There are numerous types of nesting boxes for example, along with stones stacked here and there to provide shelter for amphibians. Small predators and birds can nestle in the many mounds of twigs and wooded banks. All this makes it the ideal place for humans and animals alike.

At the Merelhof, we aim to offer our guests more than just accommodation alone. Together with you, we can put together all kinds of packages to suit your needs.


A number of examples are:

• Cycling or hiking packages

• Tours of nature reserves

• Bird watching trip to the Lauwersmeer.


We can arrange for rental of bikes or a boat for you. And so there is plenty to do at the Merelhof, or simply do nothing at all. It's your holiday after all.


Merelhof Mellereed 4 9281 RZ Harkema T0512-362526 M06-20623389